Hello world!

First of all Hello World. This is my very first attempt at writing anything apart from articles and speeches for my English homework.
While going through newspaper today I read a tiny article in the corner of the first page and whose title was quite catchy “Slut Walk”. For all those who dont have any idea about Slut Walk then I would like to tell that Slut Walk protest marches were first started in Toronto,Canada when on January 24,2011 Constable Michael Sanguinetti spoke on crime prevention at a York University safety forum and said: “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.”Though he later apologised for the remark.

On April 3, 2011, over 3,000 women gathered at Queen’s Park (Toronto). The day began with speeches before moving to the Toronto Police Headquarters.  The idea spread to include major cities around the globe and thus reached India too.

But the thing which left me speechless was the way Indian Media was highlighting this topic. And after a few days it came in the news that we’ll have a Slut Walk in India too.

Though I’m not at all against Slut Walk but the thing which irritates me is that we can never be Original. We always need to copy the West. From food to movies to organising rallies. We are very good at copying. The slavery blood is still there and even after 60+ years of independence we still like to follow them.

For instance Kate and William’s wedding. The whole day whenever we switched to any news channel,they all were depicting her “hairstyle” “dresses” “guest list” and foremost “Comparison with Lady Diana”.What do we know about our Kings and Queens who did so much for us.Do we remember the sacrifices made by them so that we can live in a free world? Not many people know that before the West introduced us to Water Harvesting system recently, it had already been practised by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan during his reign in India.How many of you knew that ?

This was about Europe not coming to America. The so-called superpower of the World. We guys know everything about the President of Barack Obama. His past,present and many people love to give their opinions on his future. We have a full page coverage when his daughter scores 90+ in science. (There’re many Indian kids who get 100/100 in science but do we care to throw a light on their achievements??) But what do we know about our Indian Prime Minister?

The thing is not about criticing my country,but it’s about being Original and valuing our culture rather than moving towards West.We have great talent in our country and we should respect it and show it to the world.


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