Fair and Lovely?

Indians and Fairness

First and foremost Thank you all for appreciating my little effort 🙂 All the compliments really mean a lot for an amateur like me.
This time I thought to highlight that aspect of we Indians which is not only irritating and annoying but discriminating too. “Skin Color Discrimination” or should I say “The Cheap Indian Mentality” which judges people on their skin color.

In India people have this so-called obsession for “White Skin”.The first thing which people mark on seeing a person is their skin color,whether the person is fair or not.Even little girls and their mothers are not spared from it. Whenever little baby girls are born their mother rub their skin to see whether their daughter is “Blessed” with fair skin or not.And if not then the relatives are always ready to taunt the poor lady to give birth to a child who is not fair.Even the matrimonial columns which appear in newspapers make sure to write “Looking for a fair bride” which is so damn annoying.

In our country a lady’s beauty is judged not by her looks but by her skin color. If the lady is Beautiful but not fair,she is always made to feel inferior.The phrase “Black is Beauty” has lost it’s meaning to “Fair and Lovely”. Taking advantage of this,there are many companies who have started making creams which promise to make our fair skin within a short span of time.And instead of protesting against it,people are going gaga over it and buying that stuff thus these companies end up making huge profits.

People are made fool by all these advertisements but little do they know that the Bollywood Beauties who promote these advertisements are not that fair.It’s the work of computer which lightens their skin color.That is why in many foreign companies,these kind of cream adverts have been banned.

I can surely recall the event when two black cheerleaders were ordered off the grounds at Mohali during an IPL match.The most funny thing is, that now we not only have fairnes creams for women but also for men and people are falling for it.This shows that how “Modern” & “Developed” our country is.


11 thoughts on “Indians and Fairness

  1. You know, I have read a lot about this topic and it has changed my perspective forever. Being a Hispanic male with ‘wheatish’ complexion with some Middle-Eastern features, Indian people always think I’m Persian or from North India. I have Indian (male) friends and no one has ever brought up the topic of skin color, so I assume it’s something that’s implicit in Indian culture. Now, let me make it clear that I oppose all forms of racism, including skin color discrimination. However, given the importance attributed to white skin, I understand why so many people try to lighten theirs. I never judge anyone and while I think using skin-lightening products is not the best, I do think that no one has the right to tell other people what to do with their bodies (or faces). I am not justifying preference for light skin, but I think that what it needs to be done is to change the mentality of the people, after all it’s all in our mind. Of course this will not be easy and it will surely take a long time…
    PS: love my Indian people, regardless of how they look like.

    1. @Omar You know I’m not asking people to stop using Fairness cream (After all we are living in a world where every person has freedom of speech and expression and they can do whatever they want to) but the thing is about the *Craziness* for white skin. Their are people who DONT judge others according to their complexion but at the same time their are many people who comment and JUDGE others on their complexion and this thing is not only common in Indians but many people scattered all over the globe. + I totally agree with you that what needs to be done is to change the mentality of the people as it’s all in our mind 🙂

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