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Hockey or Cricket ?

 This hero honda advert surely moved me and made me think that what we Indians are actually doing for the National Game of our country,Hockey. It has not only been over shadowed by cricket but also neglected by the Indians. When was the the last time you watched a Hockey match ? Do you know who’s the best player in Hockey. We indians are crazy over cricket but have ourselves left our national game : Hockey.

When I asked a few people that why cricket is preferred to Hockey,the most common answer I got was “Due to more revenue being generated by Cricket than Hockey”. Well I guess the biggest solution to this problem is that Hockey should be popularised by the Government of India rather than Cricket.Even countries like USA didn’t allow cricket to influence their national sport and Soccer & baseball may not be prevalent in many countries but is a game preferred by many Americans and why wouldn’t they do that ? After all it’s their national game,unlike us who have totally neglected the national Game & become worshippers of cricket.

How many of us know that on friday our hockey team(s) (women & men) both are working their best to make it in the finals of Olympics?
Blaming people for not supporting Hockey cannot be justified because our government also plays a major role in (not) publicising Hockey. No steps are taken by them so support the National Game.

So before it’s too late go and Support our Hockey team today  at the Major Dhyan Chand Stadium in New Delhi.Feel proud to be an Indian. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Hockey or Cricket ?

  1. This is surely a significant question that you have raised! I would like to add another reason why cricket is placed above all others. It can be traced to modern history and the colonial rule too. As you know cricket was brought to India by the British and since at that time everything related to them was sophisticated, superior, possessing more strength and power it became a medium for Indians to gain strength. So this resulted in aping them in order to compete with their standards. Remember the movie Lagaan..;) Hence the league continues. good work…i really appreciate your attempt! 🙂

  2. You know we’ve a chapter in class 9th History, on cricket.Discussing various rules,laws and changes made in Cricket.The thing which made me angry was that these Brits used cricket as a medium to divide our country. 😐 And you know there was only a tiny paragraph on Hockey while it’s the national game of India. And thank you ❤ for always appreciating my effort 🙂

  3. Awesome post!! And much needed in today’s context.. the women have reached the finals of the tournament.. and the men are through too!! What a super time to be a hockey fan.. love the sport 😀

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