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Only in India

Although I love my country to the core but I’ve always found the citizens of our country  “Out of the box”. We Indians are one of a kind.No country’s citizens can ever be like we Indians. That’s why I thought of dedicating this blog post to all the Indians of our country and the “Funny Indian Habits”. Read on :

1. We Indians love “Jugaad”.Jugaad lit­er­ally means an arrange­ment or a work around, which has to be used because of lack of resources. It is from this mean­ing that Jugaad is asso­ci­ated with frugal-engineering and low-cost inno­va­tion like the locally made motor vehi­cles used in rural India.

2. We Indians are CRAZY after Bollywood and Cricket. Sachin Tendulkar is the God of Cricket and so is Amitabh Bachchan of Bollywood. We win one match and suddenly every cricketer is the best for us. We lose a match and “WHAM”.. Cricketer’s posters are being burnt,their face is fed by cow dung (only the posters & hoardings) We are so sentimental.

3.For Indian men roads are their bathrooms. They can be seen peeing and spitting on the road shamelessly without even realizing that people are watching them and its disgusting but this thing is so very normal for them. They don’t care much about people when it comes to “relieving” themselves. 😛

4.Whenever a child is born in our country he/she is always given a nickname. It can be “Bunty/Sunny/Bittoo/Chhotu etc etc. The list can go and on. People don’t mind calling their kids by that name however common it maybe.

5.Indian weddings have to be the most colorful weddings in the whole world.And colorful wedding is equivalent to delicious food. Many people eat twice as much as they eat regularly during weddings. Weddings mei hi sabko sabse zada bhook lagti hai.

6.Aunties who are as heavy as a cow still love to wear jeans even though their figure doesn’t allow them to but they have to look fashionable hence they love wearing western clothes even if they look like a cartoon,who cares.^.^

7.The Indian door bells. Indians have very funny doorbells and people also love playing with it as if it was some kind of a toy. Do *ting-tong* *ting-tong* *ting-tong* till the person from the house doesn’t come.

8.Parking is one serious problem in India.People buy cars but when it  comes to parking the car,the neighbour’s parking place/in front of their house  is always the correct place to do so.

9.Ringtones.How we love putting hilarious bollywood songs as our ringtone with full volume.And then when we pick up the call at public places,shouting at the top of the voice “Hainnnn?”.

10.Indians love to make noise everywhere they go. As the #TypicalIndianSounds was trending on twitter I thought to pick up a few and post’em here.

  •  Cameraman Praful ke Saath Deepak Chaurasia AAZ TAK. (Simpoo Sir)
  • Khaaakh-thoooo! (MTV India)
  • Oyyeee!! Chal Hatt.
  • Lagaun Kaan ke neeche do ?
  • Chaiii garraamm chaaaaiiinnnn …Sendweeech Sendweeech … Colllldd Drrrrrrrink  (MTVIndia)

11.While talking about India how can I forget about our “Bollywood movies”. The hero falls from the 11th floor and doesn’t get a single scratch,A ricksha can take over a Qualis,hero after getting stabbed at stomach by the goons can still lift the heroine and take her safely to the hospital,one person can fight 15 goons  . Yes,it can happen only in India films and people love such films too.

12.We might be one nation but still love to shout “Jai Maharashtra/Rajasthan/Guajrat”etc  on the top of our voice. No one cares to shout “Jai Hind”.
These things can happen “ONLY IN INDIA”.



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