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Remember that show which you used to watch on Cartoon Network where the protagonist used to don a mask and used to get transformed into “THE MASK”. That cartoon show turned into a Jim Carrey film where after wearing a mask he used to transform himself into a total different person?

Anyways the topic for my today’s blog is not about Jim Carrey or how good he was in that film but “The Mask”.Jim Carrey wasn’t the only one who used to transform himself after donning the mask but there are many in this world who do so.  That person may not necessarily be a stranger. It can be anyone.. Your best friend or a cousin or a relative or a neighbour or anyone. It seems the whole world has been bitten by this bug of donning a mask and being extra-sweet to everyone they meet but no one knows what actually goes inside them. They might be all “Oh-we-are best-friends-for life” but whenever you actually need them..Kazaam!! They are not there with you. If you have a friend/relative who behaves like that and you think that that person is actually a true friend then I am indeed very sorry for you because you are living in a fantasy land. The person is not really a friend but a traitor,a snake of whom you have to get rid of as soon as possible.

Of all the types of people you will meet in your life these kinds are the worst because in front of you they will be all *Best friends for ever* and behind your back they shall be the one backstabbing. You will never ever get to know what is going in their mind while they are talking to you.  That’s the reason why they are called “THE MASK”. They put up a “MASK of sweetness” when they are with you and show their true colors.

“THE MASK” is actually a veil which they put up in front of the world whereas no one knows what the truth is?what their real side is? They might be very good to you but are they really what they are ? Let’s take an example.. Has it ever happened in your life when you wanted some one’s help and they didn’t or when you were in trouble and needed help, that “TRUE” friend of yours was not there for you. And when you sorted it out that  “TRUE” friend suddenly appeared? Well if the answer to my question is YES then you really need to tell that “TRUE”friend that you won’t take any of  her crap from them anymore.

“THE MASK” even might be the one whom you’ve trusted for so long and are cent percent sure that they won’t ever harm you. The point my friend is that you need not trust anyone with any thing now because this whole world is full of “MASKED” people.


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