Gender Steretypes

Bharatiya Nari – Why this stereotype?

“Bharatiya Nari”- An Indian Woman. So many things click our mind when we hear these two words. Let’s discuss the first thing which comes to our mind on hearing these words – An ever-smiling saree-clad lady with a bindi on her forehead welcoming you? That is the typical image which comes in people’s mind when they hear these words.That is nothing but a stereotype. People have actually made this image of  an ideal Indian Woman who stays at home and does the household chores,takes care of the husband and the kids. A Bharatiya Nari is NOT someone who is meant to be kept at home for doing the household chores . She’s not a prize which you can put in a show case and show off to your friends.

I still remember that day in the school when my class teacher was asking for volunteers for a symposium which was going to be held the other week. No one stood up so she took the pain of appointing the children to do the task and as the strength of girls in my class was very low it was obvious that boys were going to do most of the things. When their was a shortage of one person,she asked the girls if anyone of them was interested in doing anything ? Suddenly one of the boys of the class shouted “Interested in being a home-maker”.

I was shocked and angry. Is this what people still think of girls in today’s society? Are girls only meant to become home-makers and nothing else? And the most surprising thing was that none of the girls stood up to give him a reply instead I found other girls giggling on his petty joke.

That sentence of his provoked me and I wanted to bang  his head with my bottle but that wouldn’t have been of much help because that person would never have learnt his lesson. But on that day I  observed that it’s not only men who oppress women but even women have accepted that they are meant to be tamed and instead of taking a stand and fighting against it,they have started to deal with that fact…

According to me and many more modern Indian women and girls a Bharatiya Nari may not necessarily wear a sari with a bindi on her forehead and do the chores of the household without saying a word.She is some one who has the right to do what she wants,she looks after her home,her family and manages to work as well. She can maintain this tricky balance and this is what even the society has to accept. She’s some one who should be treated equally as men,if women can reach the moon  along with a man then she has the full right to get the same liberties as the men enjoy!

“Today we believe that an Indian WOMAN is subjected to extreme prejudices. And I can smoke and say fuck,and be ridiculed for the action rather than  – ladki phir bhi yeh sab” says Sumaira Nawaz.

This is THE 21st Century and people need to leave the old “image” behind and move ahead with time. Their is nothing today which men can do and women can’t. People need to realize that a BHARATIYA NARI can use cuss words in the public,dress up as she wants to and do as she likes without any hesitation and being tagged as a “way too modern” by the masses.


(P.S. Dare you go all ” Haye,ladki hokar bhi gali di” if you hear a girl abusing because mind you,she can even knock your head off if she hears that 😉 )


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