Testing 1..2…3…..

Okkkaaaayyy… So now what do you expect me to write?

It’s 1:21 am now and am not only writing a crappy blog post infact I am even updating my FB.

Cursing and telling it that twitter is wayyyyy better than FB even though I have like dozens of friends on FB no one seems to care whenever I speak. Maybe because they are used to my bullshit but on twitter everyone cares.

Like today I got blocked by a NaMo follower,a gujju. Not that I am complaining infact I am happy 🙂

But the thing that bugged me was that he blocked me just because I was bitching about Modi. Now why can’t I do that? I didn’t harm him infact i was just exercising my freedom of speech which I am entitled to. Infact every Indian citizen is.

Now this post is not leading to anywhere. It’s just stupid brain of mine which is writing  crap though I am going to regret writing this and surely going to ask myself “Was I drunk” but no I am not.

OOOoohh and yes,how can I forget – Happy April Nincompoop day to you. 😀

You didn’t find it funny? Die BITCH.

PS- I don’t behave like this all the time,it’s just that today I did NOTHING and that is the reason behind my strange behaviour.


Thank You for wasting 3 minutes of your life reading this blog post. Now be a sport and follow/ like this post even if you are asking yourself “What kind of a dumbass this kid is?” Theek hai?


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