Girl Child

Because I wish to move on!

I am a girl
I guess that is one big enough reason to feel sad ;
But sometimes I wonder,
And ask myself – Why is it so hard to lead a life as a girl ?
In this cruel,evil world,
What wrong did I do, to have incurred this fate.

I am a fighter,
I fight to survive
Right from the moment I took my first breathe till the moment I breathe my last ;
Fighting from the father who should have been my protector,
I feel he wanted a son and not a daughter;
I fight everday fromthe gaze of strangers.

I am a survivor,
Someone who has survived the wrath of my relatives
Who again and again taunted my mother
For giving birth to a girl and not a son.

My mother cries,
Infact it is an activity that she hasn’t stopped since the day I was born ;
First she cried for bearing a daughter
Then she cried after rubbing her hand with my skin and examining my complexion;
A white it wasn’t,a wheatish it was,
How can it be accepted in a country where white is lovely & black is ugly.

I try to move on,
Sharing my experiences,
Frustrated from succumbing my emotions,
Today I feel like flying
And move on…

© Sarah Khan.
(Title Credits – Aastha Malik)


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