It is perfectly alright to be imperfect

She walked imagesalone on the street,

the sun was at its peak.

She trailed off ,deep in thought

What a maze this world was;

a place full of surprises,

sorrows,ups and downs.”

But a sense of grief hit her hard ,

when she realized that life was not hunky dory.

They say “You should always strive for perfection”,

A word so often used by everyone.

She wondered what is so special in being perfect,

and why isn’t it “perfectly alright to be imperfect”.

Struggling for perfection is the norm,

so are you an outcast if you are perfectly average?

She often asked herself such questions,

how she wished she had answers to all of them.

The pressure people faced while trying to be perfect,

led them to miss several significant moments of their lives.

And the rest were lost while they tried to “capture”those moments,

so that it could be shared with the world who could “ooh-aah” at them.

In this world of perfection,we always need an approval of our fellow mates.

And while she tried to get rid of the cloud of thoughts which had gathered

in her mind,

She came across a father-son duo,

the father trying to teach his son how to ride a bicycle.

The son tripped and fell and the father said,”Nobody’s perfect at one go

but you too shall become a pro. Just keep trying harder”.

She smiled to herself and walked on.

Not every question needs to be answered right away.



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