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Hi All.

I have started with a new blog : officiallykhan.wordpress.com . Hence, the title sounds apt now. Kindly have a look at it. Each blogpost shall be on an urdu word explaining its meaning and reflecting my thoughts on the same. I promise to be more regular with it. Please do go through it and give me the feedback.

Shukriya. 🙂



Fire of Hell or Bliss of Heaven?

“Aise mat karo warna dozakh mei bhi jagah nahi milegi”.

Overheard an old lady telling her daughter,scolding her for arguing that there is nothing wrong with inter-religion marriages and cursing her that she won’t find refuge even in Hell for having such mindset.
The concept of Heaven and Hell is fed into our minds right from the beginning.
The masses are enticed to do only those things which would lead them to “jannat” after all that is our humble abode.
Do the “good deeds”and God will be pleased by you and you’ll end up in Heaven.
Both Quran and Bible promise of eternal paradise after death on the basis of your deeds. Hence,people refrain from doing bad deeds due to the fear of “Jahannum”.
Wonder if they would continue to practice the same if they were bereft of the knowledge of Hell and Heaven. What if there was no Hell or Heaven but just a hypothetical concept created to fuel the egos of the fundamentalists who keep on thrusting it on our faces.

Would we still raise our hands and make dua for our final destination to be Heaven after we die?

We say that Allah is Al-Wadud (The loving one) ; Al-Rahman (The kind one) and Al-Rahim ( The Merciful one) – The most beneficent and merciful. He is to be worshiped not because of the fear of the fire of Hell or the urge to go to Heaven but because of the fact that He is our creator.

“Rabe’a al-Adiwiyah, a great woman saint of Sufism, was seen running through the streets of her hometown, Basra, carrying a torch in one hand and a bucket of water in the other. When someone asked her what she was doing, she answered, ‘I am going to take this bucket of water and pour it on the flames of hell, and then I am going to use this torch to burn down the gates of paradise so that people will not love God for want of heaven or fear of hell, but because He is God.”


It is perfectly alright to be imperfect

She walked imagesalone on the street,

the sun was at its peak.

She trailed off ,deep in thought

What a maze this world was;

a place full of surprises,

sorrows,ups and downs.”

But a sense of grief hit her hard ,

when she realized that life was not hunky dory.

They say “You should always strive for perfection”,

A word so often used by everyone.

She wondered what is so special in being perfect,

and why isn’t it “perfectly alright to be imperfect”.

Struggling for perfection is the norm,

so are you an outcast if you are perfectly average?

She often asked herself such questions,

how she wished she had answers to all of them.

The pressure people faced while trying to be perfect,

led them to miss several significant moments of their lives.

And the rest were lost while they tried to “capture”those moments,

so that it could be shared with the world who could “ooh-aah” at them.

In this world of perfection,we always need an approval of our fellow mates.

And while she tried to get rid of the cloud of thoughts which had gathered

in her mind,

She came across a father-son duo,

the father trying to teach his son how to ride a bicycle.

The son tripped and fell and the father said,”Nobody’s perfect at one go

but you too shall become a pro. Just keep trying harder”.

She smiled to herself and walked on.

Not every question needs to be answered right away.



“Selfie wale” social activists.

This post of mine might come across as pretty offensive but then truth is always going to hurt,right?

While going through my facebook TL,I saw many people posing with kids of the NGO where they had gone as volunteers. One or two hours of voluntary work and then we just end up with a “feel good” feeling and ready to share the same on FB for the people to praise our “sensitive and kind” nature. Sorry to burst your bubble but you actually end up being tagged as the opposite.

Funny that the ones who actually do the “right kind of social work” never make a public display of emotions(yes that’s the correct word to be used because even if you agree or not but we actually end up creating a strong bond with the kids when we spend time with them even if we never intended to).

Another incident which forces me to think that what a materialistic generation we have turned ourselves into. No work of ours can ever be complete without putting a “selfie” of the same on FB. After all the whole world should know what a magnanimous person I am,right?

If you really get happiness after helping them out then it is for you to be savoured and cherished and not be on full display for the whole world to witness. It’s certainly “uncool”.

If you really want to do anything for those kids then please go and make use of the knowledge(however little it may be) which you gained during your school days, spend more time with them,share your experiences with them instead of clicking more selfies with them.

Sorry if I can across as way too harsh with my words but I hope the message was clear. 🙂



We live in a world where being blessed is now a curse.
What you’ve is something which can be used against you.
You’re a loser is what you’re told.
How do they expect us to think out of the box?
When we are forced to close the lid of our brain.
Following the crowd is the tradition.
Being a leader is synonomous with being a rebel.
And still they expect ur to set the world on fire.
Why don’t we use it to light the candle of knowledge?
So, that it spreads light in the world and helps to fade away the darkness of ignorance.

Let’s be free from the shackles of slumber.
And prepare for a bright future.

Child Labour

The Stranger

The car suddenly came to a halt ;

I looked around ;

My eyes caught his innocent face ,

Doe-eyed little stranger selling magazines.

He came towards me,I turned my face

Don’t know what overpowered me?

The realisation of being blessed with a better life or the harsh reality of the world.

Where one gives up their innocence for survival,

Not much I could do – I cursed myself for being so helpless.

What stopped me?

I still don’t have an answer to that.

So,as the light turned green.

I went on to reach my destination

Along with the imprint of his face

In my mind.


An ode to Amma and Baba

This is just my way of letting my parents know that I care. Today we all have become so busy with our respect lives that we hardly get to take out time for our family. So, this is just my way of expressing my love towards them. I hope whoever reads it is able to connect with it –

” I came back home and saw two figures waiting for me,
face showed a mixture of several emotions- anxiety,relief,pain and happiness that I was finally back home,safe and sound.
They were my parents.

‘I ma sorry amma,I should have called up and informed that I would be late’- I said wiping her tears. She just smiled while I wiped her tears and hugged her tightly.

As I looked at both of them I realized that they were young no more. The face that was once full of glow had lost the lustre and was replaced by a wrinkled one. And the jet black hair gave way to a strand of grey hair – a sign of wisdom which comes along with aging – a gradual yet inevitable process.

It had been a long time since we had dinner together,busy with our respective lives and tight-packed schedule,it was hard to take out time for one’s family.

So we sat together- me,amma and baba just like old days and it looked as if someone had brought back life into that room. One could hear my laughter echoing and in the background was the voice of my parents cracking jokes and baba giving his ear-to-ear smile.

Oh! How much I missed those moments- when I was young and we would have dinner together and the conversation shifted from what had happened in my school to amma’s office and it would end with baba telling us funny incidents which took place with his patients.

That dinner brought back all the memories and I realized that how my parents had spent their substantial part of like looking after me and trying t fulfill my demands(albeit not all,because they wanted me to be grounded and I thank them for not turning me into a spoilt brat,phew)

I then realized that how difficult life would have been if they would have not supported me and lifted up my spirits when I was feeling low and depressed and couldn’t even muster up the courage to stand for myself.

I reckon NOT. So,that night I went to sleep with both of them and slept between the two just like I would do as a child and promised that I would never leave them alone.
And that night I slept like a baby. A blissful sleep.”

Domestic Violence · Girl Child

And she went! For her future beckoned her.

She had been waiting for him since an hour,
enough was enough-she thought. For how long will this go?
She was tired, of all the waiting,of all the possessiveness and all the discomfort, she wanted to go…
Go back to her freedom.

She missed him, the old him-who treated her like a princess and not his slave.
She was afraid,afraid of his tight lashings and abuse, which once started were pretty hard to be stopped.
She wanted to go, go back to her freedom.

She asked herself-‘What had gone wrong?’
Did she as a wife,or a friend or a life companion,could not meet his standards?
What had made him so demented? She had no answer. She wanted to go…
Go back to her parent’s peaceful abode.

She was fed up, but she lacked courage. How could she face the world?-was all that discouraged. But am I not a fighter?
She questioned herself.

The answer came from within – ‘Yes you are and Yes,you can’.

Well,that was all required to lift up her spirit.
So,without wasting any time- she packed and got ready to leave.

Just then the doorbell rang and this time,she was not afraid of him.

And before he could raise his voice,she waved him goodbye. And shd went…

Went back to her freedom.

Girl Child

Because I wish to move on!

I am a girl
I guess that is one big enough reason to feel sad ;
But sometimes I wonder,
And ask myself – Why is it so hard to lead a life as a girl ?
In this cruel,evil world,
What wrong did I do, to have incurred this fate.

I am a fighter,
I fight to survive
Right from the moment I took my first breathe till the moment I breathe my last ;
Fighting from the father who should have been my protector,
I feel he wanted a son and not a daughter;
I fight everday fromthe gaze of strangers.

I am a survivor,
Someone who has survived the wrath of my relatives
Who again and again taunted my mother
For giving birth to a girl and not a son.

My mother cries,
Infact it is an activity that she hasn’t stopped since the day I was born ;
First she cried for bearing a daughter
Then she cried after rubbing her hand with my skin and examining my complexion;
A white it wasn’t,a wheatish it was,
How can it be accepted in a country where white is lovely & black is ugly.

I try to move on,
Sharing my experiences,
Frustrated from succumbing my emotions,
Today I feel like flying
And move on…

© Sarah Khan.
(Title Credits – Aastha Malik)


Testing 1..2…3…..

Okkkaaaayyy… So now what do you expect me to write?

It’s 1:21 am now and am not only writing a crappy blog post infact I am even updating my FB.

Cursing and telling it that twitter is wayyyyy better than FB even though I have like dozens of friends on FB no one seems to care whenever I speak. Maybe because they are used to my bullshit but on twitter everyone cares.

Like today I got blocked by a NaMo follower,a gujju. Not that I am complaining infact I am happy 🙂

But the thing that bugged me was that he blocked me just because I was bitching about Modi. Now why can’t I do that? I didn’t harm him infact i was just exercising my freedom of speech which I am entitled to. Infact every Indian citizen is.

Now this post is not leading to anywhere. It’s just stupid brain of mine which is writing  crap though I am going to regret writing this and surely going to ask myself “Was I drunk” but no I am not.

OOOoohh and yes,how can I forget – Happy April Nincompoop day to you. 😀

You didn’t find it funny? Die BITCH.

PS- I don’t behave like this all the time,it’s just that today I did NOTHING and that is the reason behind my strange behaviour.


Thank You for wasting 3 minutes of your life reading this blog post. Now be a sport and follow/ like this post even if you are asking yourself “What kind of a dumbass this kid is?” Theek hai?