“Selfie wale” social activists.

This post of mine might come across as pretty offensive but then truth is always going to hurt,right?

While going through my facebook TL,I saw many people posing with kids of the NGO where they had gone as volunteers. One or two hours of voluntary work and then we just end up with a “feel good” feeling and ready to share the same on FB for the people to praise our “sensitive and kind” nature. Sorry to burst your bubble but you actually end up being tagged as the opposite.

Funny that the ones who actually do the “right kind of social work” never make a public display of emotions(yes that’s the correct word to be used because even if you agree or not but we actually end up creating a strong bond with the kids when we spend time with them even if we never intended to).

Another incident which forces me to think that what a materialistic generation we have turned ourselves into. No work of ours can ever be complete without putting a “selfie” of the same on FB. After all the whole world should know what a magnanimous person I am,right?

If you really get happiness after helping them out then it is for you to be savoured and cherished and not be on full display for the whole world to witness. It’s certainly “uncool”.

If you really want to do anything for those kids then please go and make use of the knowledge(however little it may be) which you gained during your school days, spend more time with them,share your experiences with them instead of clicking more selfies with them.

Sorry if I can across as way too harsh with my words but I hope the message was clear. 🙂