Child Labour

The Stranger

The car suddenly came to a halt ;

I looked around ;

My eyes caught his innocent face ,

Doe-eyed little stranger selling magazines.

He came towards me,I turned my face

Don’t know what overpowered me?

The realisation of being blessed with a better life or the harsh reality of the world.

Where one gives up their innocence for survival,

Not much I could do – I cursed myself for being so helpless.

What stopped me?

I still don’t have an answer to that.

So,as the light turned green.

I went on to reach my destination

Along with the imprint of his face

In my mind.

Child Labour

Child Labour

I saw a little girl of my school getting down on her stop.Another girl of her age dressed in ragged clothes was waiting for her.She took the little one’s bag and both of them went back to home.

This  thing surely moved me.Child Labour has been banned in our country then why people are still encouraging it? Aren’t they aware that this habit can actually lead them to jail if anyone complains about them? But this is India, and the great saying of people “Yaha sab chalta hai”.The thing which made me angry was people who were well aware about this law were themselves encouraging it. Then they talk about corruption in India,isn’t this a kind of corruption too? Doing something or encouraging someone to do illegal thing is also a corruption in its own way.

What is Child Labour? 

It is a serious and extensive problem, with many children under the age of fourteen working in carpet making factories, glass blowing units and making fireworks with bare little hands.

Child Labour Act

The Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation Act) was passed on 23rd December 1986.It outlines where and how children can work and where they can not.The act defines a child as any person who has not completed his fourteenth year of age. Part II of the act prohibits children from working in any occupation listed in Part A of the Schedule; for example: Catering at railway establishments, construction work on the railway or anywhere near the tracks, plastics factories, automobile garages, etc. The act also prohibits children from working in places where certain processes are being undertaken, as listed in Part B of the Schedule; for example: beedi making, tanning, soap manufacture, brick kilns and roof tiles units, etc. These provisions do not apply to a workshop where the occupier is working with the help of his family or in a government recognised or aided school.

Why Child Labour ?

This question has surely bugged me many a times. I’ve always wondered that when Child Labor is illegal in our country,why still people send their kids to work  under such harsh conditions and that too for just a few rupees. While talking about this with many people I came to the conclusion that poverty is the major reason behind it. The only reason behind a person sending his/her beloved child to work under such conditions is only due to poverty. Unable to do much for their kids,they send their children to work so that they can earn something for them or atleast fill their stomach with a  morsel of food. According to me poverty eradication is one MEGA Problem which leads to other problems and the government should not only take steps to introduce poverty eradication  schemes but should also make sure that it is implemented properly.Out of all the Anti-poverty schemes introduced,99.9% are not implemented properly.

 Our Role

After replaying that incident many a times I came to the conclusion that We,people can actually play a very important role to stop Child Labour. Next time if you see your domestic servant bringing her child for helping her in work,discourage her. Ask her that it’s not correct and tell her to send her child to school to get education so that her child doesn’t go through the same pain she did. And if you have enough time to spare then try to help the child in his/her studies. This might actually encourage the child to study harder.

We can always do our bit for the Country.Stop child Labour.