Domestic Violence · Girl Child

And she went! For her future beckoned her.

She had been waiting for him since an hour,
enough was enough-she thought. For how long will this go?
She was tired, of all the waiting,of all the possessiveness and all the discomfort, she wanted to go…
Go back to her freedom.

She missed him, the old him-who treated her like a princess and not his slave.
She was afraid,afraid of his tight lashings and abuse, which once started were pretty hard to be stopped.
She wanted to go, go back to her freedom.

She asked herself-‘What had gone wrong?’
Did she as a wife,or a friend or a life companion,could not meet his standards?
What had made him so demented? She had no answer. She wanted to go…
Go back to her parent’s peaceful abode.

She was fed up, but she lacked courage. How could she face the world?-was all that discouraged. But am I not a fighter?
She questioned herself.

The answer came from within – ‘Yes you are and Yes,you can’.

Well,that was all required to lift up her spirit.
So,without wasting any time- she packed and got ready to leave.

Just then the doorbell rang and this time,she was not afraid of him.

And before he could raise his voice,she waved him goodbye. And shd went…

Went back to her freedom.