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And she went! For her future beckoned her.

She had been waiting for him since an hour,
enough was enough-she thought. For how long will this go?
She was tired, of all the waiting,of all the possessiveness and all the discomfort, she wanted to go…
Go back to her freedom.

She missed him, the old him-who treated her like a princess and not his slave.
She was afraid,afraid of his tight lashings and abuse, which once started were pretty hard to be stopped.
She wanted to go, go back to her freedom.

She asked herself-‘What had gone wrong?’
Did she as a wife,or a friend or a life companion,could not meet his standards?
What had made him so demented? She had no answer. She wanted to go…
Go back to her parent’s peaceful abode.

She was fed up, but she lacked courage. How could she face the world?-was all that discouraged. But am I not a fighter?
She questioned herself.

The answer came from within – ‘Yes you are and Yes,you can’.

Well,that was all required to lift up her spirit.
So,without wasting any time- she packed and got ready to leave.

Just then the doorbell rang and this time,she was not afraid of him.

And before he could raise his voice,she waved him goodbye. And shd went…

Went back to her freedom.

Girl Child

Because I wish to move on!

I am a girl
I guess that is one big enough reason to feel sad ;
But sometimes I wonder,
And ask myself – Why is it so hard to lead a life as a girl ?
In this cruel,evil world,
What wrong did I do, to have incurred this fate.

I am a fighter,
I fight to survive
Right from the moment I took my first breathe till the moment I breathe my last ;
Fighting from the father who should have been my protector,
I feel he wanted a son and not a daughter;
I fight everday fromthe gaze of strangers.

I am a survivor,
Someone who has survived the wrath of my relatives
Who again and again taunted my mother
For giving birth to a girl and not a son.

My mother cries,
Infact it is an activity that she hasn’t stopped since the day I was born ;
First she cried for bearing a daughter
Then she cried after rubbing her hand with my skin and examining my complexion;
A white it wasn’t,a wheatish it was,
How can it be accepted in a country where white is lovely & black is ugly.

I try to move on,
Sharing my experiences,
Frustrated from succumbing my emotions,
Today I feel like flying
And move on…

© Sarah Khan.
(Title Credits – Aastha Malik)

Girl Child

The Fighter.

It’s been 65 years since our Independence. But sometimes I ask a question from myself “Are we really Free in our country“? A girl is sexually assaulted in a moving bus by 6 drunkards so brutally that she dies within two weeks of the incident and the government has no proper laws against the accused so that they can punish them. According to the Indian law the accused who assaulted the 23 year-old accused “most brutally” can get a maximum punishment of 3 years if proven guilty as “he is under 18”. There is no law in our country against such animals who sexually assault a woman and then roam around in the city without the fear of the law and the government. This is not only the failure at the part of the government but also the failure of humanity. It has stupefied the entire nation,raised a question regarding the safety of women in the world’s largest democracy.

Today the survivor is not between us but shall be remembered forever and she has set an example for every individual. How many more girls are we going to sacrifice? When will the day arrive when women and girls of our country shall be free to roam around in the country with out the fear of getting raped?

This dream of ours cannot be fulfilled until and unless we stop being gender biased. Why do we hate girls so much that we tend to kill her before she’s born? Why do we consider her a burden on us? Why do we think that only boys are going to look after us when we grow old? Why is the woman of our country so vulnerable that whenever she goes out,she fears of getting raped? We can’t blame the government for this,can we? We first need to change our mindset and thinking. First you’ll have to kill the animal within you which tries to jeopardise the women. The animal is within us,they come from the society.

Learn to respect her because she’s a mother,a sister,a daughter and a wife.

But the government can also not run away from it’s duties which it has been doing lately. It needs to make and implement rigid laws so that we don’t have another case like this anytime in the future.Men should realize that they cannot go away freely after assaulting a woman. They need to be taught a lesson which no one ever forgets.

We shall remember this day forever and demand justice till the end because it may be the end of humanity but not the end of hope. I pray that a day comes in the future when women can go anywhere in the city without any fear,when men think twice before harming a girl.

(As the Media Council of India has decided not to disclose the identity of the girl or her family,TOI decides to name her Nirbhaya. RIP. She has entered a world which is more peaceful and beautiful than the one where she lived for 23 years)