An ode to Amma and Baba

This is just my way of letting my parents know that I care. Today we all have become so busy with our respect lives that we hardly get to take out time for our family. So, this is just my way of expressing my love towards them. I hope whoever reads it is able to connect with it –

” I came back home and saw two figures waiting for me,
face showed a mixture of several emotions- anxiety,relief,pain and happiness that I was finally back home,safe and sound.
They were my parents.

‘I ma sorry amma,I should have called up and informed that I would be late’- I said wiping her tears. She just smiled while I wiped her tears and hugged her tightly.

As I looked at both of them I realized that they were young no more. The face that was once full of glow had lost the lustre and was replaced by a wrinkled one. And the jet black hair gave way to a strand of grey hair – a sign of wisdom which comes along with aging – a gradual yet inevitable process.

It had been a long time since we had dinner together,busy with our respective lives and tight-packed schedule,it was hard to take out time for one’s family.

So we sat together- me,amma and baba just like old days and it looked as if someone had brought back life into that room. One could hear my laughter echoing and in the background was the voice of my parents cracking jokes and baba giving his ear-to-ear smile.

Oh! How much I missed those moments- when I was young and we would have dinner together and the conversation shifted from what had happened in my school to amma’s office and it would end with baba telling us funny incidents which took place with his patients.

That dinner brought back all the memories and I realized that how my parents had spent their substantial part of like looking after me and trying t fulfill my demands(albeit not all,because they wanted me to be grounded and I thank them for not turning me into a spoilt brat,phew)

I then realized that how difficult life would have been if they would have not supported me and lifted up my spirits when I was feeling low and depressed and couldn’t even muster up the courage to stand for myself.

I reckon NOT. So,that night I went to sleep with both of them and slept between the two just like I would do as a child and promised that I would never leave them alone.
And that night I slept like a baby. A blissful sleep.”