Girl Child

The Fighter.

It’s been 65 years since our Independence. But sometimes I ask a question from myself “Are we really Free in our country“? A girl is sexually assaulted in a moving bus by 6 drunkards so brutally that she dies within two weeks of the incident and the government has no proper laws against the accused so that they can punish them. According to the Indian law the accused who assaulted the 23 year-old accused “most brutally” can get a maximum punishment of 3 years if proven guilty as “he is under 18”. There is no law in our country against such animals who sexually assault a woman and then roam around in the city without the fear of the law and the government. This is not only the failure at the part of the government but also the failure of humanity. It has stupefied the entire nation,raised a question regarding the safety of women in the world’s largest democracy.

Today the survivor is not between us but shall be remembered forever and she has set an example for every individual. How many more girls are we going to sacrifice? When will the day arrive when women and girls of our country shall be free to roam around in the country with out the fear of getting raped?

This dream of ours cannot be fulfilled until and unless we stop being gender biased. Why do we hate girls so much that we tend to kill her before she’s born? Why do we consider her a burden on us? Why do we think that only boys are going to look after us when we grow old? Why is the woman of our country so vulnerable that whenever she goes out,she fears of getting raped? We can’t blame the government for this,can we? We first need to change our mindset and thinking. First you’ll have to kill the animal within you which tries to jeopardise the women. The animal is within us,they come from the society.

Learn to respect her because she’s a mother,a sister,a daughter and a wife.

But the government can also not run away from it’s duties which it has been doing lately. It needs to make and implement rigid laws so that we don’t have another case like this anytime in the future.Men should realize that they cannot go away freely after assaulting a woman. They need to be taught a lesson which no one ever forgets.

We shall remember this day forever and demand justice till the end because it may be the end of humanity but not the end of hope. I pray that a day comes in the future when women can go anywhere in the city without any fear,when men think twice before harming a girl.

(As the Media Council of India has decided not to disclose the identity of the girl or her family,TOI decides to name her Nirbhaya. RIP. She has entered a world which is more peaceful and beautiful than the one where she lived for 23 years)

Gender Steretypes

Bharatiya Nari – Why this stereotype?

“Bharatiya Nari”- An Indian Woman. So many things click our mind when we hear these two words. Let’s discuss the first thing which comes to our mind on hearing these words – An ever-smiling saree-clad lady with a bindi on her forehead welcoming you? That is the typical image which comes in people’s mind when they hear these words.That is nothing but a stereotype. People have actually made this image of  an ideal Indian Woman who stays at home and does the household chores,takes care of the husband and the kids. A Bharatiya Nari is NOT someone who is meant to be kept at home for doing the household chores . She’s not a prize which you can put in a show case and show off to your friends.

I still remember that day in the school when my class teacher was asking for volunteers for a symposium which was going to be held the other week. No one stood up so she took the pain of appointing the children to do the task and as the strength of girls in my class was very low it was obvious that boys were going to do most of the things. When their was a shortage of one person,she asked the girls if anyone of them was interested in doing anything ? Suddenly one of the boys of the class shouted “Interested in being a home-maker”.

I was shocked and angry. Is this what people still think of girls in today’s society? Are girls only meant to become home-makers and nothing else? And the most surprising thing was that none of the girls stood up to give him a reply instead I found other girls giggling on his petty joke.

That sentence of his provoked me and I wanted to bang  his head with my bottle but that wouldn’t have been of much help because that person would never have learnt his lesson. But on that day I  observed that it’s not only men who oppress women but even women have accepted that they are meant to be tamed and instead of taking a stand and fighting against it,they have started to deal with that fact…

According to me and many more modern Indian women and girls a Bharatiya Nari may not necessarily wear a sari with a bindi on her forehead and do the chores of the household without saying a word.She is some one who has the right to do what she wants,she looks after her home,her family and manages to work as well. She can maintain this tricky balance and this is what even the society has to accept. She’s some one who should be treated equally as men,if women can reach the moon  along with a man then she has the full right to get the same liberties as the men enjoy!

“Today we believe that an Indian WOMAN is subjected to extreme prejudices. And I can smoke and say fuck,and be ridiculed for the action rather than  – ladki phir bhi yeh sab” says Sumaira Nawaz.

This is THE 21st Century and people need to leave the old “image” behind and move ahead with time. Their is nothing today which men can do and women can’t. People need to realize that a BHARATIYA NARI can use cuss words in the public,dress up as she wants to and do as she likes without any hesitation and being tagged as a “way too modern” by the masses.


(P.S. Dare you go all ” Haye,ladki hokar bhi gali di” if you hear a girl abusing because mind you,she can even knock your head off if she hears that 😉 )

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Remember that show which you used to watch on Cartoon Network where the protagonist used to don a mask and used to get transformed into “THE MASK”. That cartoon show turned into a Jim Carrey film where after wearing a mask he used to transform himself into a total different person?

Anyways the topic for my today’s blog is not about Jim Carrey or how good he was in that film but “The Mask”.Jim Carrey wasn’t the only one who used to transform himself after donning the mask but there are many in this world who do so.  That person may not necessarily be a stranger. It can be anyone.. Your best friend or a cousin or a relative or a neighbour or anyone. It seems the whole world has been bitten by this bug of donning a mask and being extra-sweet to everyone they meet but no one knows what actually goes inside them. They might be all “Oh-we-are best-friends-for life” but whenever you actually need them..Kazaam!! They are not there with you. If you have a friend/relative who behaves like that and you think that that person is actually a true friend then I am indeed very sorry for you because you are living in a fantasy land. The person is not really a friend but a traitor,a snake of whom you have to get rid of as soon as possible.

Of all the types of people you will meet in your life these kinds are the worst because in front of you they will be all *Best friends for ever* and behind your back they shall be the one backstabbing. You will never ever get to know what is going in their mind while they are talking to you.  That’s the reason why they are called “THE MASK”. They put up a “MASK of sweetness” when they are with you and show their true colors.

“THE MASK” is actually a veil which they put up in front of the world whereas no one knows what the truth is?what their real side is? They might be very good to you but are they really what they are ? Let’s take an example.. Has it ever happened in your life when you wanted some one’s help and they didn’t or when you were in trouble and needed help, that “TRUE” friend of yours was not there for you. And when you sorted it out that  “TRUE” friend suddenly appeared? Well if the answer to my question is YES then you really need to tell that “TRUE”friend that you won’t take any of  her crap from them anymore.

“THE MASK” even might be the one whom you’ve trusted for so long and are cent percent sure that they won’t ever harm you. The point my friend is that you need not trust anyone with any thing now because this whole world is full of “MASKED” people.

Desi Habit

Only in India

Although I love my country to the core but I’ve always found the citizens of our country  “Out of the box”. We Indians are one of a kind.No country’s citizens can ever be like we Indians. That’s why I thought of dedicating this blog post to all the Indians of our country and the “Funny Indian Habits”. Read on :

1. We Indians love “Jugaad”.Jugaad lit­er­ally means an arrange­ment or a work around, which has to be used because of lack of resources. It is from this mean­ing that Jugaad is asso­ci­ated with frugal-engineering and low-cost inno­va­tion like the locally made motor vehi­cles used in rural India.

2. We Indians are CRAZY after Bollywood and Cricket. Sachin Tendulkar is the God of Cricket and so is Amitabh Bachchan of Bollywood. We win one match and suddenly every cricketer is the best for us. We lose a match and “WHAM”.. Cricketer’s posters are being burnt,their face is fed by cow dung (only the posters & hoardings) We are so sentimental.

3.For Indian men roads are their bathrooms. They can be seen peeing and spitting on the road shamelessly without even realizing that people are watching them and its disgusting but this thing is so very normal for them. They don’t care much about people when it comes to “relieving” themselves. 😛

4.Whenever a child is born in our country he/she is always given a nickname. It can be “Bunty/Sunny/Bittoo/Chhotu etc etc. The list can go and on. People don’t mind calling their kids by that name however common it maybe.

5.Indian weddings have to be the most colorful weddings in the whole world.And colorful wedding is equivalent to delicious food. Many people eat twice as much as they eat regularly during weddings. Weddings mei hi sabko sabse zada bhook lagti hai.

6.Aunties who are as heavy as a cow still love to wear jeans even though their figure doesn’t allow them to but they have to look fashionable hence they love wearing western clothes even if they look like a cartoon,who cares.^.^

7.The Indian door bells. Indians have very funny doorbells and people also love playing with it as if it was some kind of a toy. Do *ting-tong* *ting-tong* *ting-tong* till the person from the house doesn’t come.

8.Parking is one serious problem in India.People buy cars but when it  comes to parking the car,the neighbour’s parking place/in front of their house  is always the correct place to do so.

9.Ringtones.How we love putting hilarious bollywood songs as our ringtone with full volume.And then when we pick up the call at public places,shouting at the top of the voice “Hainnnn?”.

10.Indians love to make noise everywhere they go. As the #TypicalIndianSounds was trending on twitter I thought to pick up a few and post’em here.

  •  Cameraman Praful ke Saath Deepak Chaurasia AAZ TAK. (Simpoo Sir)
  • Khaaakh-thoooo! (MTV India)
  • Oyyeee!! Chal Hatt.
  • Lagaun Kaan ke neeche do ?
  • Chaiii garraamm chaaaaiiinnnn …Sendweeech Sendweeech … Colllldd Drrrrrrrink  (MTVIndia)

11.While talking about India how can I forget about our “Bollywood movies”. The hero falls from the 11th floor and doesn’t get a single scratch,A ricksha can take over a Qualis,hero after getting stabbed at stomach by the goons can still lift the heroine and take her safely to the hospital,one person can fight 15 goons  . Yes,it can happen only in India films and people love such films too.

12.We might be one nation but still love to shout “Jai Maharashtra/Rajasthan/Guajrat”etc  on the top of our voice. No one cares to shout “Jai Hind”.
These things can happen “ONLY IN INDIA”.


Child Labour

Child Labour

I saw a little girl of my school getting down on her stop.Another girl of her age dressed in ragged clothes was waiting for her.She took the little one’s bag and both of them went back to home.

This  thing surely moved me.Child Labour has been banned in our country then why people are still encouraging it? Aren’t they aware that this habit can actually lead them to jail if anyone complains about them? But this is India, and the great saying of people “Yaha sab chalta hai”.The thing which made me angry was people who were well aware about this law were themselves encouraging it. Then they talk about corruption in India,isn’t this a kind of corruption too? Doing something or encouraging someone to do illegal thing is also a corruption in its own way.

What is Child Labour? 

It is a serious and extensive problem, with many children under the age of fourteen working in carpet making factories, glass blowing units and making fireworks with bare little hands.

Child Labour Act

The Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation Act) was passed on 23rd December 1986.It outlines where and how children can work and where they can not.The act defines a child as any person who has not completed his fourteenth year of age. Part II of the act prohibits children from working in any occupation listed in Part A of the Schedule; for example: Catering at railway establishments, construction work on the railway or anywhere near the tracks, plastics factories, automobile garages, etc. The act also prohibits children from working in places where certain processes are being undertaken, as listed in Part B of the Schedule; for example: beedi making, tanning, soap manufacture, brick kilns and roof tiles units, etc. These provisions do not apply to a workshop where the occupier is working with the help of his family or in a government recognised or aided school.

Why Child Labour ?

This question has surely bugged me many a times. I’ve always wondered that when Child Labor is illegal in our country,why still people send their kids to work  under such harsh conditions and that too for just a few rupees. While talking about this with many people I came to the conclusion that poverty is the major reason behind it. The only reason behind a person sending his/her beloved child to work under such conditions is only due to poverty. Unable to do much for their kids,they send their children to work so that they can earn something for them or atleast fill their stomach with a  morsel of food. According to me poverty eradication is one MEGA Problem which leads to other problems and the government should not only take steps to introduce poverty eradication  schemes but should also make sure that it is implemented properly.Out of all the Anti-poverty schemes introduced,99.9% are not implemented properly.

 Our Role

After replaying that incident many a times I came to the conclusion that We,people can actually play a very important role to stop Child Labour. Next time if you see your domestic servant bringing her child for helping her in work,discourage her. Ask her that it’s not correct and tell her to send her child to school to get education so that her child doesn’t go through the same pain she did. And if you have enough time to spare then try to help the child in his/her studies. This might actually encourage the child to study harder.

We can always do our bit for the Country.Stop child Labour.

Hockey India

London Olympics here we come

26th February was the day & the Major Dhyan Chand Stadium was the venue where India qualified at the London Olympics after 8 years by defeating the team of France by 8-1. The victory was led by Sandep Singh making 5 goals and Birendra Lakra , SV Sunil and VR Raghunath (one each).

The opening goal was made by Birender Lakra at the 17th minute followed by 5 goals by Sandeep Singh in the 19th,26th, 38th, 49th and 51st minutes while Sunil made it 5-1 in the 43rd and VR Raghunath 8-1 in the 56th.Sandeep Singh finished as the top goal-scorer at the tournament with a whopping 16 goals.The game easily saw the best attendance of the tournament as crowds filled the 16,500-seater stadium to near capacity. The match also kept the umpires on their toes as both the teams repeatedly asked for reviews of penalty corners. Both the teams earned seven penalty corners, but while India converted six of those, France couldn’t score on any.

Followed by the victory of making it to London Olympics there was a windfall for all the member of Indian Hockey as CM Bhupinder Singh Hooda (Haryana) announced bonanza of cash rewards for its players, especially those hailing from Haryana. The bonanza of cash rewards included Rs five lakh per goal scored by each player of Haryana in the qualifying match. Similarly, for other matches held in this series, Rs one lakh per goal would be given to players irrespective of the State to which they belonged. In addition, Rs 11 lakh per player would be given to each player hailing from Haryana. Hooda also announced to give Rs 2.51 lakh to each player of Indian team, irrespective of the State to which he belonged.And the CM of Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Monday announced an award of Rs.100,000 to each member of the Indian hockey team that has booked a passage to the 2012 London Olympics.

The victory of Indian hockey team has made our country proud.For the record, Hockey & Sandeep Singh were trending on twitter yesterday.The Indian Hockey Team indeed made us proud by qualifying to the Olympics after 8 years and I hope that this time we get a Gold medal at the Olympics 😀

Here are a few glimpses from the India vs France match : ImageImageImageImageImage

Hockey India

Hockey or Cricket ?

 This hero honda advert surely moved me and made me think that what we Indians are actually doing for the National Game of our country,Hockey. It has not only been over shadowed by cricket but also neglected by the Indians. When was the the last time you watched a Hockey match ? Do you know who’s the best player in Hockey. We indians are crazy over cricket but have ourselves left our national game : Hockey.

When I asked a few people that why cricket is preferred to Hockey,the most common answer I got was “Due to more revenue being generated by Cricket than Hockey”. Well I guess the biggest solution to this problem is that Hockey should be popularised by the Government of India rather than Cricket.Even countries like USA didn’t allow cricket to influence their national sport and Soccer & baseball may not be prevalent in many countries but is a game preferred by many Americans and why wouldn’t they do that ? After all it’s their national game,unlike us who have totally neglected the national Game & become worshippers of cricket.

How many of us know that on friday our hockey team(s) (women & men) both are working their best to make it in the finals of Olympics?
Blaming people for not supporting Hockey cannot be justified because our government also plays a major role in (not) publicising Hockey. No steps are taken by them so support the National Game.

So before it’s too late go and Support our Hockey team today  at the Major Dhyan Chand Stadium in New Delhi.Feel proud to be an Indian. 🙂

Fair and Lovely?

Indians and Fairness

First and foremost Thank you all for appreciating my little effort 🙂 All the compliments really mean a lot for an amateur like me.
This time I thought to highlight that aspect of we Indians which is not only irritating and annoying but discriminating too. “Skin Color Discrimination” or should I say “The Cheap Indian Mentality” which judges people on their skin color.

In India people have this so-called obsession for “White Skin”.The first thing which people mark on seeing a person is their skin color,whether the person is fair or not.Even little girls and their mothers are not spared from it. Whenever little baby girls are born their mother rub their skin to see whether their daughter is “Blessed” with fair skin or not.And if not then the relatives are always ready to taunt the poor lady to give birth to a child who is not fair.Even the matrimonial columns which appear in newspapers make sure to write “Looking for a fair bride” which is so damn annoying.

In our country a lady’s beauty is judged not by her looks but by her skin color. If the lady is Beautiful but not fair,she is always made to feel inferior.The phrase “Black is Beauty” has lost it’s meaning to “Fair and Lovely”. Taking advantage of this,there are many companies who have started making creams which promise to make our fair skin within a short span of time.And instead of protesting against it,people are going gaga over it and buying that stuff thus these companies end up making huge profits.

People are made fool by all these advertisements but little do they know that the Bollywood Beauties who promote these advertisements are not that fair.It’s the work of computer which lightens their skin color.That is why in many foreign companies,these kind of cream adverts have been banned.

I can surely recall the event when two black cheerleaders were ordered off the grounds at Mohali during an IPL match.The most funny thing is, that now we not only have fairnes creams for women but also for men and people are falling for it.This shows that how “Modern” & “Developed” our country is.


Hello world!

First of all Hello World. This is my very first attempt at writing anything apart from articles and speeches for my English homework.
While going through newspaper today I read a tiny article in the corner of the first page and whose title was quite catchy “Slut Walk”. For all those who dont have any idea about Slut Walk then I would like to tell that Slut Walk protest marches were first started in Toronto,Canada when on January 24,2011 Constable Michael Sanguinetti spoke on crime prevention at a York University safety forum and said: “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.”Though he later apologised for the remark.

On April 3, 2011, over 3,000 women gathered at Queen’s Park (Toronto). The day began with speeches before moving to the Toronto Police Headquarters.  The idea spread to include major cities around the globe and thus reached India too.

But the thing which left me speechless was the way Indian Media was highlighting this topic. And after a few days it came in the news that we’ll have a Slut Walk in India too.

Though I’m not at all against Slut Walk but the thing which irritates me is that we can never be Original. We always need to copy the West. From food to movies to organising rallies. We are very good at copying. The slavery blood is still there and even after 60+ years of independence we still like to follow them.

For instance Kate and William’s wedding. The whole day whenever we switched to any news channel,they all were depicting her “hairstyle” “dresses” “guest list” and foremost “Comparison with Lady Diana”.What do we know about our Kings and Queens who did so much for us.Do we remember the sacrifices made by them so that we can live in a free world? Not many people know that before the West introduced us to Water Harvesting system recently, it had already been practised by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan during his reign in India.How many of you knew that ?

This was about Europe not coming to America. The so-called superpower of the World. We guys know everything about the President of Barack Obama. His past,present and many people love to give their opinions on his future. We have a full page coverage when his daughter scores 90+ in science. (There’re many Indian kids who get 100/100 in science but do we care to throw a light on their achievements??) But what do we know about our Indian Prime Minister?

The thing is not about criticing my country,but it’s about being Original and valuing our culture rather than moving towards West.We have great talent in our country and we should respect it and show it to the world.